Vinton Books of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,
Volume 1

Published with the permission
of the
Congregational Library of the American Congregational Association,
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Francis Marion Price, born Milroy, Rush Co. [Rush County], Ind. [Indiana, USA] 1851; prof. rel. [professed religion: made a public profession of his religious experience; now counted as an authentic Christian.] 1868; after taking the junior and part of the middle year in Oberlin Sem. [Oberlin Theological Seminary, Oberlin, Ohio, USA] completed Coll. [College] course graduating from Oberlin Coll. [Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio] 1882, and Theol. Sem. [Oberlin Theological Seminary, Ohio] 1883; ord. [ordained] Oberlin July 1, 1883; emb. [embarked] Sept. [September] 6, 1883; arr. [arrived] Tai-yuen-fu Nov. [November] [1883]; returned to U.S. [USA] arr. [arrived] Nov. [November] 25, 1884; released Mar. [March] 24, 1885. Re-appt'd [Reappointed] Dec. [December] 14, 1887; arr. [arrived] Taiku, Shanse, May 4, 1887; returned to U.S. [USA] arr. [arrived] San Francisco [California, USA] July 9, 1890; Transferred to Micronesia Jan. [January] 15, 1894. Died September 4, 1937 at Berkeley, Calif. [California, USA]

Note : Documents signed by Francis M. Price are available at Oberlin College Archives: Alumni Records (RG 28) and Treasurer's Office (RG 7) Files: Francis Marion Price, Oberlin College Archives,, Mudd Center, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, USA. Selected records are also available at Francis Marion Price (1850-1937),

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