Francis Marion Price to E. E. Strong, D.D.
Handwritten Letter, March 16, 1907

Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM), Micronesia Mission, 1900-1909
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U.S.A. Cransfort[?] Sherman. 30[?]

Mar 16, 1907
Permanent Oakland addres
626- 18th St.

Rev. E. E. Strong D.D.
Boston Mass.

Dear Dr. Strong:

I write to you with the understanding that you have charge of the correspondence during Dr. Barton's absence.

We left Guam on January 28th. We had intended to remain longer but the Governor made a mistake & our transportation was secured for this ship so that we were compelled to come on it or lose our transportation. I found that by doing only the work which must be done in Guam and leaving the other to be completed in America, we could leave at that time, and save about $25000 on cost of transportation. I have about one month's work yet on my translations.

In talking over plans with Secretary Judson Smith, he advised me to secure permission from the Bible Society to finish the translations in America. This was done and I have their authorization in writing. So that my plan is as I wrote to Dr.

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Barton, to go on to New York & complete my translations while putting them through the pre[ss?].

It was the earnest desire of all in Guam, that the translations should be published in English & Chamorro parallel columns. I estimated that the extra additional cost would be about $15000. I told our Chamorro people about this and asked them to help. To my surprise and delight, they and their friends raised more than $13000 toward this amount. This the largest amount ever raised by them for the work and is interesting because it reveals their consecration & their interested in the publishing of these portions of Scripture.

There was also a demand for a catechism of Christian truth & practice; so after consulting with Mr. Case, I decided to undertake this task. I have the catechism written out; but it must be gone over & [corrected?]. I hope to have this ready for the press soon. I have almost enough money the gift of friends, to pay for the printing. With the portions of Scripture & this catechism the Guam Mission will be in much better condition than were before to carry on an aggressive work.

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I am thankful to the Divine Father, that it has been our privilege to do this great work for the neglected Guam people & that our health has stood the strains of the heavy task. It has been to me the most delightful work I have ever been privileged do.

We were very sorry to leave Mr. & Mrs. Case alone in Guam. Gladly would we have remained & spent the remainder of our lives there, but it was, from a health point of view, evidently impossible. You may be surprised when I say that I would much rather remained there than gone to China; and now both these doors are closed against us.

We have been nearly seven weeks on the way home. The voyage has been prosperous, on the whole, but we have not been well. A little seasick all the way.

It is my plan to leave Mrs. Price in Oakland & go at once to New York. I want to leave Oakland Monday Mar. 25th. I am very desirous of making haste & understand that this is your will concerning me; but if you have other instructions you can reach me by wire before I leave. With gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all His mercies & love & greetings to all the ?ooms, I am, Yours very truly [Signed] Francis M. Price

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