Francis Marion Price to Judson Smith, D.D.
Typewritten Letter, June 6, 1905

Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM), Micronesia Mission, 1900-1909
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626– 18th St., Oakland, Calif.

June 6, 1905

Rev. Judson Smith D.D.,

Boston, mass.

Dear Dr Smith,

Your very kind letter of May 29th. is at hand. I am glad that you did not find my long letter tiresome. You are right in your inference that I do not desire to present a formal application to the Prudential Committee at the present time, for our return to China. In a matter of so much importance I feel that a personal conference would secure the most satisfactory results. I assure you that the only desire of myself and Mrs. Price is, that with reference to the place and form of future service, the will of the Lord may be done.

With reference to the question raised in your letter, as to the cause of our return from Shansi the first and second times: The first time it was on account of Mrs. Price's sickness of a disease from which she has entirely recovered. Mrs. Price is as well as most women of her age in a cool climate, but she can not live in the tropics. On our return to China Mrs. Price became acclimated and was quite well when we were compelled to to return home again on account of a serious throat trouble of mine. I do not think there is any cause for apprehension of a return of that trouble should I resume service in China. I have

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been using my throat for fourteen years[,] almost constantly since my recovery and one winter of that time in America, where I spoke several times each week in the coldest climate, spending the month of December in northern New York, and February and March in and around Chicago; so that we may feel reasonably certain that that trouble will not return. On the other hand I wish it might be strongly impressed on the minds of all, that[,] in the opinion of all physicians who know us[,] a cold[,] stimulating climate such as we have in the interior of China is exactly what we both need after our long sojourn in the tropics. Dr. Atwoods objection loses much of its force when it is remembered that he has not seen us for any extended conversation since our return from China and that he knows nothing of the present physical condition of myself and Mrs. Price. His objection therefore can only be general and not of special application to us at present.

A wealthy English missionary friend and associate in work in China has sent me $500. to pay expenses of return to China[,] so that I am safe in saying that we are prepared to pay our own way to Tientsin[;] and we feel sure that friends here will provide the necessary refit.

Of course the matter can not be definitely decided until formal application is made to the Prudential Committee but it would be a very great help in making our plans if we could be reasonably sure that our application for a transfer to the Shansi field

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would be approved if presented with proper health certificates and recommendation from friends. I am sure that all objections may be removed by a personal conference.

I wrote you a letter about a month ago with reference to translations and plans for publication of certain portions of the scripture in Chamorro. I am putting all my strength on these translations now and spending some money in having them typewritten[,]-money contributed for this purpose by friends of the work in Guam, and I should be glad to have you advise me with reference to the contents of that letter as soon as your mind is sufficiently clear about it.

With sincere regards I remain

Your very truly

[Signed] Francis M. Price


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