Frank Taitano Passes Away

The Guam Recorder
Monthly Magazine of Guam
January 1938, Volume XIV, Number 10
Article courtesy the Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center

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One of Guam's most progressive and widely respected citizens, Francisco San Nicolas Taitano, passed away at 11:40 p.m. November 26, 1937 at the Naval Hospital as a result of a prolonged case of cirrhosis of the liver. Francisco Taitano, better known to his intimates as Frank, was 45 years old at the time of his death having been born October 3, 1922 [1892].

Francisco San Nicolas Taitano: The Guam Recorder, January 1938, Volume XIV, Number 10. Editor's Note: The photograph of Mr. Taitano was made by Dr. R. P. Carls from a sketch by Private F. F. Thomas, U. S. M. C.Mr. Taitano made a trip to the Orient in 1909 and was gone a month and a half. Shortly after his return, on January 10, 1910, he was married to Dolores Santos Salas.

During the year 1909, Frank Taitano was awarded a medal of merit by Governor Edward J. Dorn for his work in connection with organizing and teaching the first night school. Since that time Mr. Taitano's name has been associated with education, of which the Rev. Joaquin F. Sablan says:

"Twice he affiliated with the department of education; first as former principal of the Intermediate School, and second in 1930 he was made supervisor of the Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Club. He was co-author of the Chamorro-English Dictionary. When Taitano was twenty-seven years old, he established the first private school on the island."

For a short time prior to 1925, Frank Taitano worked as a bookkeeper for the Supply Department. On January 1, 1925, he was appointed secretary for the Guam Congress.

Since the year 1923, until his death, Mr. Taitano has done much to further the development and teaching of agriculture in Guam. He was appointed Field Extension Agent for the Guam Experiment Station on August 17, 1925. His work in this department was so satisfactory that on November 2, 1936, he was made Chief Forester. A certificate of Merit was presented to him on March 25, 1936, by Governor George A. Alexander, for his work as Field Extension Agent. Governor W. W. Bradley, Jr., officially ratified Frank Taitano's election to the Second Guam Congress by the Municipality of Barrigada for the term of two years, on March 7, 1931. Mr. Taitano resigned on September 5th of the same year to devote full time to his work for the Department of Agriculture.

On September 25, 1934, Frank Taitano received a medal and certificate for 25 years of faithful government service. Mr. Jose Roberto, who was friend and fellow-worker of Mr. Taitano says; "He was a good worker, not afraid to give his best efforts to anything he attempted." Mr. Roberto is employed as Chief Clerk in the Governor's Office.

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"Religiously speaking", the Rev. Joaquin F. Sablan says, "he was a charter member in the first Protestant Church of Guam. He helped write the first Chamorro-English Bible."

The Rev. Mr. Sablan further says, "Taitano was truly one of the most versatile natives in Island affairs. His death was a great loss to the people as well as to the government."

Frank Taitano was an active member of the Young Men's League of Guam. He also belonged to the Guam Chamber of Commerce.

During the year prior to his death, Mr. Taitano was twice confined to the hospital due to the affliction from which he finally died. His friends mourn the passing of this man who took such a great interest in public and governmental affairs.

Frank Taitano is survived by the following children; Rose, Lila, Josefina, Rita, and Mary, his daughters; and Francisco, Jr., Artemio, Percy, Jose, Charles, John, and Henry, his sons: brothers, Jose and John Taitano; sisters, Mrs. Maria Gutierrez, Mrs. Ana Gay, Mrs. Juana Torres, Mrs. Rosa Custino, and Mrs. Rita Flores; grandchildren, Francisco III and Joseph John.

[Editor's Note: The photograph of Mr. Taitano was made by Dr. R. P. Carls from a sketch by Private F. F. Thomas, U. S. M. C.]

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